I could start this article sugar coating myself saying something like ‘’ Accidents happen: you can blame others or yourself when something goes wrong, or you can learn from the experience and move on’’ but God damn, this accident really changed my perspective of life. So, let me share the story really quick and how this... Continue Reading →


Who’s the real immigrant?

I’m an immigrant… Such a beautiful word but then some people automatically assume you’re a bad person, or illegal. No human being should be considered illegal. I decided to move to a different country when I was old enough to process the cultural differences but I was still young enough to possess that high level... Continue Reading →

Amazon, Colombia.

I bet you didn't know Colombia was part of the Amazon? Many travelers think the Amazon it's only possible to do if you are in Brazil. Well, the whole Amazon Rain Forest covers 2.5 million square miles spreading into Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela.  I had the chance to visit from the Colombian... Continue Reading →

San Francisco, California.

The only city I got to see in CA. Known for its rolling hills, landmarks, technology, hippies, fashionistas, etc. Also known as the City By The Bay, San Fran & The Golden City. I went alone for academic purposes to complete some college credits at Alliant International University. After class, I was planning on doing all... Continue Reading →

Road trips & Travel partners.

I've traveled with different people over the last few years, mostly road trips, I've never really flew with friends. You will find inconveniences on the road but is the perfect opportunity to forget all your worries and make memories along the way. So here's my guide to the perfect road trip with the perfect partner. Your... Continue Reading →

Pyrenees France, Snowboarding trip.

Première fois en France, le premier jour de l'année, la première saison de la neige, long voyage, la meilleure façon de commencer une année. I'm just messing around, I don't speak French (Yet) January 1st, 2017 skiing roadtrip from Spain to France... The best way to start a new year. After six hours driving we... Continue Reading →

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